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VW TDI Service

by Snohomish European on July 9, 2021
VW has been around a long time and the beetle is an international symbol for compact economical transportation. VW has led the German field in economical and affordable cars. One of the most understated vehicles to date is the TDI, which stands for Turbo Diesel Injection. Before the hybrid and electric cars, there was the TDI. Volkswagen has led the industry with the most diesel cars in production and on the road. In fact, TDI models are now the benchmark in efficiency and economy. Modern TDI's can get upwards of 40 mpg and see gas prices as low as regular unleaded (market permitting). Say goodbye to the dirty, smoky diesels of the past. Modern diesels are tuned and engineered to be efficient and clean. In some systems, a special fluid is injected into the exhaust gas which in turn neutralizes potentially harmful molecules. Another plus side to TDI technology with VW is the cost of ownership is less expensive than your gas equivalents. There are TDI specific costs. However, if you do your research, buying the properly equipped TDI model will outweigh the competition in value.