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    TUNE Your Car!!!!and why?

    We are now offering TUNING for virtually all the European makes and models. What is tuning? Tuning is taking your vehicles main drivetrain computer and modifying its software. The software modification increase Horsepower and Torque! Is it safe? Yes, because we are not removing safety parameters for the engine's reliability, we are maximizing what it already can do. Tuning is the absolute best value for more power. You don't need fancy intakes and exhausts (although they are encouraged) to enoy the benefit of a new TUNE. Most tunes increase stock power 50+ HP for less than you'd think. Take your everyday driver or weekend tire slayer to the next level without compromising reliability with a TUNE from Snohomish European Auto Service.

    We can tune: Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, and VW


    VW has been around a long time and the beetle is an international symbol for compact economical transportation. VW has led the German field in economical and affordable cars. One of the most understated vehicles to date is the TDI, which stands for Turbo Diesel Injection. Before the hybrid and electric cars there was the TDI. Volkswagen has led the industry with the most diesel cars in production and on the road. In fact, TDI models are now the benchmark in efficiency and economy. Modern TDI's can get upwards of 40 mpg and see gas prices as low as regular unleaded (market permitting). Say good bye to the dirty, smoky diesels of the past. Modern diesels are tuned and engineered to be efficient and clean. In some systems, a special fluid is injected into the exhaust gas which in turn neutralizes potentially harmful molecules. Another plus side to TDI technology with VW is the cost of ownership is less expensive then your gas equivilents. There are TDI specific costs. However, if you do your research, buying a the properly equipped TDI model will out-weigh the competition in value. 

    Audi Timing Belts

    Audi timing belts seem to be all too commonly ingored until the worst of the worst happens. Timing belts are not your common accessory belt so easily seen on the outside. An accessory drive belt on your Audi is used to spin your power steering pump, the alternator, and your A/C compressor. The TIMING belt is typically behind a cover or two and connects the crankshaft to the camshaft/s. It is sometimes quite challenging to see or observe the condition of the timing belt at home. Inspection should be done by a trusted mechanic who has experience with your model Audi. Most timing belts show signs of wear and tear before breaking and then most commonly don't break until after the interval recommendation. The interval most late Audi's use is 80 - 90K miles. Some of the newer models tend to go longer with updated and better belt designs and can see 120K miles. Always know which is right for your vehicle specifically by calling and asking.

    During this service is it common to replace the water pump,thermostat, and any other belt related wear items as they might be needed. Special tools are needed for every timing belt job so it is important to have a licensed and insured mechanic perform this service for you.

    Have questions about your Audi's timing belt, just give me a call at 360-243-3296. 


     A: This can be a most irritating issue. At first you start missing a line of pixels from one section, but soon after, you can hardly read the display. This is caused by the deterioration of an internal cable deep inside the instrument cluster. The “ribbon” style cable is bent in several directions connecting the electronic board with the LCD display. These bends over time cause little breaks in the connectivity of the cable. THIS CAN BE FIXED! By replacing the cable with a better upgraded unit, we can restore the display pixels and prevent future problems. This can be done by They fix the RADIO display as well.

    What types of service does my BMW need?

     While some of the service work that your BMW needs is very well known, oil changes, air filters, brake pads and the like, there are other services that need to be considered to keep your car running in top performance condition.

    Keeping your cooling system well maintained means the engine is running at optimum temperature. If the coolant is over two years old, it might be getting close to needing changed. Not only will it help keep operating temperature correct, it will also help protect the cooling system from corrosion, and keep the water pump lubricated.

    It is also important to use the right anti-freeze. BMW runs at higher temps then other cars and needs special BMW coolant that will not break down under extreme conditions. It also important to service the cooling system if you own other high performance brands such as Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Audi.

    At Snohomish European, we offer complete cooling system flush and recharging at competitive prices. See our special offers page for applicable offers. Call for an appointment to make sure you’re ready for the summer driving season.

    BMW Service-Who Should Work On Your Car?

    While there are many service centers available to work on your BMW, what should you be concerned with while looking for the right shop to deal with the needs of your car to keep it running in top performance? Look for a shop that knows your car inside and out. What the regular service intervals are, what the correct products are that need to be used, and how to determine what needs to by corrected. A shop that has the tools necessary for working on your car and knows the right procedures to make repairs the right way. 

    At Snohomish European Auto Service, we have the years of hands on experience to know what your BMW needs. Our factory trained mechanics know every part your car, inside and out, and have the knowledge that will keep it running in top shape for years to come.